Maple-Oak Farm Breeding Chart
2014 Kidding Season

Purebred Saanens

Doe Buck Date Bred Kids
icyhot2 (44K) Maple-Oak Icy Hot *M A.I. to ++*B Lake-Country Sno Sunrise
S: GCH ++*B Perfection Snolan
D: GCH Lake-Country Ceasar's Sasha 6*M
11/7/13 freshened: 4/9/14 - 1 doeling
does1 (45K) Maple-Oak Hot Pocket 2*M *B Maple-Oak Spicy Klondike
11/13/2013 freshened: 4/16/14 - 3 bucklings
honeybee (19K)
Maple-Oak Guardian HoneyBee 8*M
Maple-Oak Pi's Zeb
12/26/13 due: 5/24/14

Maple-Oak Zeb's Ragweed
*B Maple-Oak Spicy Klondike 11/22/2013 due: 4/20/2014
froggy (22K) Maple-Oak Froggy zeb (40K) Maple-Oak Pi's Zeb 10/23/2013 freshened: 3/22/14 - 1 buck 1 doe
morze (37K) Maple-Oak Morze *B Maple-Oak Hot Wire
2/1/14 due: 7/1/14
pk-amber (31K) Maple-Oak Captain's Sharkee *B Maple-Oak Hot Wire
12/3/13 due: 5/1/14
Maple-Oak Guard Jambalaya *B Maple-Oak Pocket Tuna 11/7/13 freshened: 4/9/14 - 1 doeling
Maple-Oak Bee Keeper A.I to GCH +*B Lake-Country Opus Snofest
S: GCH +*B Lake-Country Sno Magnum Opus
D: GCH Lake-Country Sno Surprise 5*M
10/16/2013 ollie (81K) freshened: 03/14/14 - 1 doeling
Maple-Oak Just Sizzlin A.I. to ++*B Clovertop's Snodeposit
S: Clovertop's Deplomat
D: Clovertop's Sno Angel
11/30/2013 due: 4/28/2014
Maple-Oak Cap Freezee A.I. to ++*B New-Era's Samurai 1/31/14 due: 6/29/14


Doe x Bred to Buck
Maple-Oak Raisel Raina *M x *B Iceberg Runtime bred: 12/14/13 due: 5/12/14

Iceberg Mystical Sorceress 3*M x *B Mellow-Meadows Bold Coffee bred: 10/30/2013 freshened: 4/02/14 - 1 doeling

Walnut Fork Lime in Da Coconut x *B Mellow-Meadows Bold Coffee bred: 11/20/2013 due: 4/18/2014

Iceberg Coco Channel x A.I. to *B Redwood-Hills Tribute Sailor bred: 12/10/2013 due: 5/08/2014

Maple-Oak Raindrop x *B Mellow-Meadows Bold Coffee bred: 10/23/13 freshened: 3/23/14 - 1 buck

Iceberg Love Potion x Iceberg Sly Comeback bred: 11/23/13 due: 4/21/14

Note: *B Mello-Meadows Bold Coffee is a grandson of the 2013 ADGA Reserve National Champion - Nodaway Raya's Rapture