The Milkers
2000 WI State Fair - 1st Place Dairy Herd
of Maple-Oak Farm
Purebred Power
SGCH Maple-Oak Icy Hot *M

icyhot3 (48K)

icyrearudder (41K)
*** 2X National Show TOP THREE ***

09-04 92(EEEE)
06-04 92(VEEE)
DHIR 9-02 203 2163 5.6%B 122 3.3%P 72
DHIR 8-00 305 3231 3.9%B 3.1%P ext 327 3443 ext 4.1%B 3.1%P

1st Place 5 Year Old and 1st Place Udder
2012 ADGA National Show - Loveland, CO.

3rd Place Aged doe
2014 ADGA National Show - Louisville, KY

GCH, Best of Breed, and Best Udder in Show - 2012 Wisconsin State Fair

Winner of Saanen Milking Competition - 2012 Wisconsin State Fair

Born: 2/23/07
We do not attend very many shows any more with the exception of the Wisconsin State Fair each year, but wanted to finish off Icy's championship because she is just the type of doe that needs to be shown. In 2013 We decided to take her on a seven hour journey to Caledonia, MN to earn her that honor. She did not disappoint us as she picked up her final two legs at six years of age against some pretty stiff competition there. She earned her first leg in 2012 at the WI State Fair, going BOB and BUIS after a harrowing 26 hour trip to the National Show in Colorado in 107 degree heat where she placed 1st in her class. Icy hot has twice placed in the top three of her class at a National Show. Now, at 9 years old, she still appraises well, achieving her highest score yet - She is truly a doe that improves with age. Icy Hot exemplifies the standard of purebred quality, hardiness, productivity, and longevity in the Saanen breed.
ADGA Genetics pedigree
Sire: *B Maple-Oak Javic Leroy 3-04 90(VEE)
S: +*B Lake-Country Tsunamic Javi
SS: GCH ++*B Lake-Country Romantic Tsunami
SSS: GCH ++*B Two-Ceders CC Joshua 90(EEEE)
SSD: GCH Lake-Country Opus Satinique 10*M 93(EEEE)
SD: Lake-Country Cosmic Jasmine 7*M
D: Singing-Spruce Sun Loxy 6*M
DS: ++*B Singing-Spruce Vermillion Sun
DD: SG Singing-Spruce Vortex Phlox 5*M 91(EEVE)

Dam: Maple-Oak Sweeti Pi
S: *B Maple-Oak Lude Whispers
SS: SG ++*B Lake-Country Romantic Mersault
SSS: GCH ++*B Two-Ceders CC Joshua FS 90(EEEE)
SSD: SGCH Lake-Country Tsunamic Moana 9*M 90(VEEE)
3-00 266 4393 3.7% 161 3.4% 151
D: SG Singing-Spruce Vortex Phlox 5*M 91(EEVE)
icyhot2 (44K)
At 5 yrs
leroy1 (42K)
*B Maple-Oak Javic Leroy 3-04 90(VEE)
SG Maple-Oak Jam Cam

jamcam_2yr (89K)
2 year old first freshener
jamcam_2yr_rear (72K)


02-02 87(VVVV)
00-06 V(VVV)
DHIR 1-11 232 2467 7.1%B 175 lbs 2.9%P 72 lbs I.P.

Born: 4/14

Jam Cam is a first freshener this year. Tuna's dam had an outstanding mammary system and we anxiously await further freshenings on this doe. Jam Cam get's her butterfat content from the selective arrangement of many of our herd's top butterfat producing animals from the past, including one of own Saanen breed leaders for butterfat, in her background.

ADGA Genetics pedigree

Sire: Maple-Oak Pocket Tuna
S: Maple-Oak Captain Hook
SS: Maple-Oak Pirate King
SSS: Lake-Country HYCC Stradivarius
SSD: GCH Maple-Oak MS PoppySeed
SD: Maple-Oak Javic Parodie
D: Maple-Oak Hot Pocket
DS: Maple-Oak Strads Rodeo
DSS: Lake-Country HYCC Stradivarius
DSD Maple-Oak Javic Parodie
DD GCH Maple-Oak Icy Hot

Dam: Maple-Oak Guard Jambalaya
See doe page

Maple-Oak Guard's Morze

Photo Pending
Purebred Saanen

05-02 90(VEEE)
02-02 86(VVVV)
DHIR 4-11 233 3137 2.7%B 2.7%P I.P

Born: 4/17/11

Morze is another one of our "Sleeper" does who as of yet has never been shown. Watch for her!

ADGA Genetics pedigree
Sire: *B Rocky-Run Security Guard
See buck page

Dam: Maple-Oak Ghostly Bayou

SG Maple-Oak Guardian Honey Bee 8*M PTI 52, 158

honeybee (30K)
yearling photo

honeybee2 (23K)
photo at 2 years 90(VEEE)

Purebred Saanen

04-02 91(VEEE)

Born: 07/22/2010

9th place milking yearling - 2012 ADGA National Show.

2nd place 2 year old (1st Freshener) - 2012 Wisconsin State Fair
3rd place 3 year old - 2013 Wisconsin State Fair

HoneyBee is the fourth descendent in a purebred doe line of Saanens with final linear scores of 90 or above. Both her and her dam and her great grand dam scored 91. She is one of our classic slow maturing does who has really leveled off nicely now. She also has an excellent mammary system. She has the style of mammary that is slightly lower in the rear while being much more productive due to the generous width and area of attachment. For the volume of milk she produces her udder is held up nicely above the hocks due to a strong medial. HoneyBee is a huge doe who stands 36 inches at the withers and has a long body and bone pattern. She is size and scale and productivity in an exceptional purebred package.
ADGA Genetics pedigree
Sire: *B Rocky-Run Security Guard
S: +*B Rocky-Run Beacons Job Security
SS: +*B Rocky-Run Beacon's Star-Buck
SD: GCH Capric Josie *M FS 91
D: GCH Rocky-Run Rogue's Cupid 6*M 91(EEEE)
DS: GCH +*B Rocky-Run LC's Rogue
DSS: GCH +*B Lake-Country Composit Scenerio FS90
DSSS: GCH ++*B Lake-Country Sno Composition
DSD: GCH Rocky-Run Jessie's Scamp 8*M
DD: GCH Rocky-Run Jessie's Cherub 5*M 8-02 92(EEEE)
Lifetime DHIR:2270 milk 19380 fat 763 p 553

Dam: Maple-Oak White Pollen 7*M LA 05-03 91(EEEE)
D: SGCH Maple-Oak MS PoppySeed 6*M LA 03-04 90(VEEE)
DD: SG Singing-Spruce Vortex Phlox 5*M 91(EEVE)
(See Pedigree Above)
charmr2012 (8K) charm2012 (10K)
Sire's full sister
Rocky-Run BJS Good Luck Charm 7*M
courtesy of Pat Hendrickson - Rocky Run Saanens
SG Maple-Oak Bee Keeper 9*M PTI 73, 80

beekeeper3yr (86K)
photo at 3 years

Purebred Saanen

02-05 86(VV++)
DHIR 3-00 304 3576 3.7%B 2.8%P

Born: 4/21/12

2nd place 3 year old - 2015 Wisconsin State Fair.

ADGA Genetics pedigree
Sire: Maple-Oak Saulty Validator
See buck page

Dam: Maple-Oak Guardian Honey Bee 8*M 91(VEEE)
See above

SG Maple-Oak Hook Zinnia 8*M

Zinnia_3yr (119K)
3 year old photo
ZinniaUdder (62K)
Purebred Saanen

04-01 86(VVVV)
DHIR 2-10 219 2888 4.0%B 115 2.7%P 79 I.P.
DHIR 1-11 304 1738 3.6%B 2.9%P

Born: 5/13

ADGA Genetics pedigree
Sire: *B Maple-Oak Captain Hook
See buck page

Dam: Maple-Oak White Pollen 7*M

SG Maple-Oak Zeb's Ragweed 8*M

ragweed (29K)
milking photo pending
Purebred Saanen

04-02 87(VEEV)
01-02 V(V+Ec)
DHIR 4-00 195 2466 3.4%B 3.3%P I.P.
DHIR 3-00 303 2247 4.5%B 3.3%P

Born: 4/05/12

7th place junior kid - 2012 ADGA National Show

ADGA Genetics pedigree
Sire: Maple-Oak Pi's Zeb
See buck page

Dam: Maple-Oak White Pollen 7*M
See doe page