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*B Maple-Oak Mudd Pupp

mud_pupp_yrlng (93K)


Born: 3/17/2017

Mudd Pupp is a huge purebred yearling buck. Pupp is a product of our most consistent line of does crossed with one of our favorite old girls, Maple-Oak Froggy, on the sire side. Froggy combines a rich array of our herd's best animals both from the past and the present.

Mudd Pupp descends from four generations of does appraising 90 or higher on his dam's side and includes one of our top 10 does, PoppySeed. His sire, Salamander, reigns in much of the same outstanding genetics behind our all-time top performing doe, Icy Hot.

ADGA Genetics pedigree
Sire: Maple-Oak Salamander
S: Maple-Oak Pi's Zeb 91(EVE)
D: Maple-Oak Froggy *M
DS: *B Rocky-Run Security Guard
DD: Maple-Oak Sault Deja-Vu
Dam: SG Maple-Oak Guardian HoneyBee 91(VEEE)
S: *B Rock-Run Security Guard
D: SG Maple-Oak White Pollen 7*M 91(EEEE) - DNA typed
DD: SGCH Maple-Oak MS PoppySeed 6*M LA 03-04 90(VEEE)
DDD: SG Singing-Spruce Vortex Phlox 5*M 91(EEVE)

Maple-Oak Pi's Zeb

zeb5yr (60K)

viviana2 (10K)
Sire's dam - Viviana

05-06 91(EVE)

Half brother to GCH Maple-Oak Icy Hot *M 92(EEEE)
*** DNA Typed ***

ADGA Genetics pedigree
Sire: *B Maple-Oak Saulty Validator
S: SG ++*B Lake-Country Romantic Mersault
SS: GCH ++*B Two-Ceders CC Joshua LA 5yr 90(EEE)
SD: GCH Lake-Country Tsunamic Moana 9*M
D: Maple-Oak Javic Viviana *M
DS: +*B Lake-Country Tsunamic Javi

Dam: Maple-Oak Sweeti Pi
S: *B Maple-Oak Lude Whispers
SS: SG ++*B Lake-Country Romantic Mersault
SD: Singing-Spruce Akbar Prelude 9*M
D: SG Singing-Spruce Vortex Phlox 5*M 91(EEVE)

prelude1 (16K)
Singing-Spruce Akbar Prelude 9*M
javi (23K)
Viviana's Sire - +*B Lake-Country Tsunamic Javi
*B Maple-Oak Lil' Caesar

lil_caesar_nov (108K)

lil_caesar_rear (120K)

Born: May 2018

Sire: ++*B GCH Lake-Country Sno Creta Caesar (A.I.)

Dam: SG Maple-Oak Jam Cam *M
DHIR 1-11 304 3039 7.6%B 231 lbs 3.1%P 93 lbs
Maple-Oak Constantine

constantine_nov (98K)

Constantine rear (56K)

Born: March 2018

Sire: +*B GCH Lake-Country Constant Sovann (A.I.)

Dam: Maple-Oak SuperNova

We will be using A.I. sires extensively this season. Please check our A.I. page for information on these sires.