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Maple-Oak Pi's Zeb

zeb5yr (60K)

viviana2 (10K)
Sire's dam - Viviana

05-06 91(EVE)

Half brother to GCH Maple-Oak Icy Hot *M 92(VEEE)
*** DNA Typed ***

ADGA Genetics pedigree
Sire: *B Maple-Oak Saulty Validator
S: SG ++*B Lake-Country Romantic Mersault
SS: GCH ++*B Two-Ceders CC Joshua LA 5yr 90(EEE)
SD: GCH Lake-Country Tsunamic Moana 9*M
D: Maple-Oak Javic Viviana *M
DS: +*B Lake-Country Tsunamic Javi

Dam: Maple-Oak Sweeti Pi
S: *B Maple-Oak Lude Whispers
SS: SG ++*B Lake-Country Romantic Mersault
SD: Singing-Spruce Akbar Prelude 9*M
D: SG Singing-Spruce Vortex Phlox 5*M 91(EEVE)

prelude1 (16K)
Singing-Spruce Akbar Prelude 9*M
javi (23K)
Viviana's Sire - +*B Lake-Country Tsunamic Javi
Maple-Oak Zinni Zorba

Zorba_Side (67K)

Zorba_Rear (30K) Zorba_Front (31K)

Both of the baby bucks on this page descend on their dam's side from our 2x Wi State Fair GCH and Top Ten doe, SGCH Maple-Oak MS PoppySeed 6*M 90(VEEE). Zorba also pulls in some of the genetics behind one of our all-time top does for type, SGCH Maple-Oak Icy Hot *M 92(EEEE) on his sire's side through Zeb. He also combines all of that with another of our Top Ten does, Maple-Oak Javic Parodie *M and Lake-Country HYCC Stradivarius through his dam, Zinnia. Zinnia is a 2nd freshener this year.

Sire: Maple-Oak Pi's Zeb 91(EVE) (see above)

Dam: SG Maple-Oak Hook Zinnia 8*M
S: *B Maple-Oak Captain Hook
D: SG Maple-Oak White Pollen 7*M 91(EEEE) - DNA typed
DD: SGCH Maple-Oak MS PoppySeed 90(VEEE) 5-00 305 4493 2.0%B 2.7%P (2006 Top Ten)
2x WI State Fair BOB
Maple-Oak Three Cheers

3Cheers (115K)


Cheers is a product of our most consistent line of does crossed with one of our all-time favorite Lake-Country bucks - Style Accolade. Cheer's dam was just sold to a dairy, but descends from four generations of does appraising 90 or higher and includes one of our top 10 does, PoppySeed. Her sire, Zeb (above) also appraised 91(EVE). Cheer's sire, Accolade, brings lots of milk to the mix as well, with his dam producing 5000lbs+ on DHI. He combines Composition Style with the strong type and production found in the Lake-Country 'C' line.

Cheers is a long bodied animal with lots of width and depth for his age. We can't wait to use him in our breeding program this fall.

ADGA Genetics pedigree
Sire: +*B Lake-Country Style Accolade
D: GCH Lake-Country Cachet Carmalita 2*M 5-10 286 5470 3.4%B 3.1%P
DD: SG Lake-Country Caesar Constanca *M
S: SGCH ++*B Lake-Country Composition Style
Dam: Maple-Oak Zebeedia
D: SG Maple-Oak Guardian Honey Bee 8*M 91(VEEE)
DD: SG Maple-Oak White Pollen 7*M 91(EEEE) - DNA typed
S: Maple-Oak Pi's Zeb 91(EVE) (see above)

Maple-Oak Salamander

Froggy (95K)
Salamander's Dam - Froggy

PUREBRED Saanen Buck

ADGA Genetics pedigree
Sire: *B Maple-Oak Pi's Zeb 91(EVE)
Pedigree above

Dam: Maple-Oak Froggy
S: *B Rocky-Run Security Guard
D: Maple-Oak Sault Deja Vu
DS: Maple-Oak PS Mer-sault
DSS: SG ++*B Lake-Country Romantic Mersault

We will be using A.I. sires extensively this season. Please check our A.I. page for information on these sires.