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Maple-Oak Pi's Zeb

zeb5yr (60K)

viviana2 (10K)
Sire's dam - Viviana

05-06 91(EVE)

Half brother to GCH Maple-Oak Icy Hot *M 92(VEEE)

Sire: *B Maple-Oak Saulty Validator
S: SG ++*B Lake-Country Romantic Mersault
SS: GCH ++*B Two-Ceders CC Joshua LA 5yr 90(EEE)
SD: GCH Lake-Country Tsunamic Moana 9*M
D: Maple-Oak Javic Viviana *M
DS: +*B Lake-Country Tsunamic Javi

Dam: Maple-Oak Sweeti Pi
S: *B Maple-Oak Lude Whispers
SS: SG ++*B Lake-Country Romantic Mersault
SD: Singing-Spruce Akbar Prelude 9*M
D: SG Singing-Spruce Vortex Phlox 5*M 91(EEVE)

prelude1 (16K)
Singing-Spruce Akbar Prelude 9*M
javi (23K)
Viviana's Sire - +*B Lake-Country Tsunamic Javi
*B Maple-Oak Spicy Klondike

klondike (61K)


Sire: *B Maple-Oak Captain Hook

Dam: GCH Maple-Oak Icy Hot *M 92(VEEE)

We will be using A.I. sires extensively this season. Please check our A.I. page for information on these sires.