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runtime (110K)
Runtime at 3 years

runtime4yr (113K)
Runtime at 4 years

*B Iceberg Coco's Runtime

04-01 90(VEE)
Sire: *B Iceberg Mystical Wizzard
SS: *B Sunshine Rollit Roister
SD: SG Iceberg Mystical Sorceress 3*M

Dam: SGCH Walnut Fork Lime in da Coconut *M 91(EEEV)
DS: *B Mt Zion Khartoum Kiev
DD: Walnut-Fork Sault Key Lime
DDD: SG Walnut-Fork Sed Key Largo 8*M
DDS: One*Oak*Hill Dragonsault

Runtime is a gorgeous buck that is fun to watch running in the field.

Jules (130K)
*B Maple-Oak Jules

Sire: *B Chateau Briant's Jahlil
(See below)

Dam: Chateau Briant's Junipera
(see doe page)

Denali (35K)
Pleasant-Grove Nut Denali

03-04 89(VEV)

Sire: Pleasant-Grove Zen Wingnut
D: CH Kickapoo Valley Saga Whimper LA 92(EEEE)
3rd Place 5-6 Year Old and 3rd Place Aged doe - ADGA National Shows
DS: ++*B Pleasant Grove Super Saga
DD: Kickapoo Valley Gold Vision
S: YBNVS Revoluntionary Zen
SS: Hoach's Revolution

Dam: SGCH Pleasant-Grove SSO Divine LA 5-05 92 (EEEE)

3x National Show Top Five:
2011 Nat'l Show 5th pl. 4 yr old
2013 Nat'l Show 4th Pl 5-6 yr old
2014 Nat'l Show 3rd Pl Aged Doe

2014 Iowa State Fair BOB, BUOB, BDIS, and BUIS
2015 Iowa State Fair BIS

Special thanks to the Koopmann's for this amazing breeding and to the Bailey's for allowing us the opportunity to own this wonderful sire.

Updated Photo Pending
*B Chateau Briant's Jahlil

02-02 85(VV+)
Sire: *B Roeburn KVLW Beauregard

Dam: Chateau Briant's Jamie 10*M LA 3-02 92(EEEE)
5x Best Doe in Show
6x Best of Breed

Special thanks to the Cassette's for Jahlil. We are hoping for good things from him.

*B Sunshine Rollit Roister (purebred) ETA 105:31
ETA 88:22
05-03 90(EEE)
04-03 91(EEE)
01-03 83(+VA)

Sire: +*B Sunshine Rehma Reprise 04-00 88(VEE) PTI 124 83
SS: +*B Nodaway MD Ayla's Aries 06-05 88(VEE) PTI 142 112
SSS: ++*B Nodaway Moon Dragon 03-00 87(VVE)
SSD: GCH Nodaway Sorcerer's Ayla 3*M 06-03 91(EEEE) PTI 147 197
SD: GCH Sunshine Clare Rehma 3*M 05-02 93(EEEE) PTI 152 189
SDS: ++*B Maple-Glen Classic's Clare PTI 77 80
SDD: Sunshine Advancer Rohma 2*M 05-03 90(VEVE)

Dam: Sunshine Condor Rollit 3*M 02-06 88(+EEE) PTI 215 179
DS: +*B Sunshine Conina Condor 04-03 88(VEE) PTI 98 111
DSS: +*B Sunshine Seign Serafin 03-03 85(+VE) PTI 143 164
DSD: Sunshine Schwarzee Conina 4*M 02-00 86(VV+V) PTI 67 116
DD: Sunshine Cordite Rolleste 2*M 06-08 88(VEVV) PTI 233 188
DDS: +*B Sunshine Coric Cordite 07-04 88(VVE) PTI 119 90
DDD: Sunshine Rover Robleste *M 08-02 90(VEEE) PTI 189 187

Roister's dam, Rollit, was BOB at the 2006 Wisconsin State Fair and RGCH as an aged doe at the 2007 Fair.

SG ++*B Sunshine Rehra Rivet (purebred)
Rivet is listed here for reference
04-03 89(VEE)
03-04 90(EEE)
02-04 86(+EV)
01-03 86(VE+)

Sire: +*B Sunshine Gyniry Glycol
SS: +*B Sunshine Conet Counter
SD: GCH 6*M Sunshine Aries Gyniry 93 EEEE

Dam: Sunshine Holmes Rehra 4*M
DS: +*B Stonegate Holli Holmes
DD: GCH 3*M Sunshine Clare Rehma 93 EEEE

Rivet's paternal granddam, Sunshine Aries Gyniry, placed 3rd place aged doe the 2003 Nationals. Rivet's daughter Sorceress placed 10th senior yearling at the 2005 National in Spokane. Another daughter, Rivet Beryl, was BJDIS at 2005 Janesville, WI. Daughter Behrie, was JGCH at 2004 Elkhorn, WI. Rivet is in the background of many of our Alpines.

Alpine A.I. bucks:

+*B GCH Stumphollow K&B Faro
+*B GCH Hoach's HRS Andante
*B CH Stumphollow Klondike
*B Tempo Aquila Wild 'n Free
Semen from the above bucks available - please inquire

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