Health Practices Lactec (161K)
Kids are fed fresh milk replacer via Lactek
of Maple-Oak Farm

We at Maple Oak Farm, breeder of prize winning purebred Saanens, pride ourselves on the high quality of health enjoyed by our animals. We have a fairly large herd and considering its size, we utilize comprehensive efficient rearing practices.

Our milking goats enjoy a large pasture. They are kept worm free through management practices which include, but are not limited to, rotational grazing, feeder design, diet, nutrition, and supplemental foods including herbal products, which promote natural worm resistence. We do not perform routine vaccinations.

All animals are first treated with quality care to help our goats maintain health and vigor. All barns are stripped bare and cleaned thoroughly a minimum of three times a year in addition to regular maintenance cleaning. Loafing areas are bedded with deep straw for warmth during the winter monts. Kid pens have heater lamps and straw or chip bedding depending on the season. The kids have a large outdoor play area. Quality hay is provided free choice to all goats. The milkers have 2nd or 3rd crop alfalfa available to them continuously in addition to outdoor browse. Selenium and minerals are added to their grain mixture.

The use of chemical treatments and antibiotics on our farm is rare. We have a deep respect for the scientific research and advances made available through veterinary medicine and believe the use of medicine has its proper place. When we do have to resort to antibiotics, they are very effective since they are not overused. We encourage research in the area of disease resistance development among the various methods of raising kids. Some methods take advantage of the animals' natural immune response along with the self limiting factors of virulence, while others foster the continuing propagation of animal susceptibility to disease.

We have wonderful results following our health protocols and feel our animals have built up a strong natural resistance to disease. We rarely have to treat for pneumonia, ringworm, or any other disease. We believe these practices have allowed us to raise top quality, healthy, vigorous animals which hold their own in the show ring, on the farm, and in the parlor.

Our herd shows no signs of Johnes (wasting disease) and has tested negative 5 years in a row. Therefore we have discontinued testing for Johnes on a regular basis.

We are enrolled in the Wisconsin Scrapie eradication program and our herd exhibits no signs of Scrapie.