A.I. Sires Page

++*B Lake-Country Sno Sunrise
A.I. Sire

1st Place Sr Get of Sire - 1998 ADGA National Show

Sunrise's full sister GCH Lake-Country Sno Shasha - 2nd Place - 2nd Udder National Show
Sire: GCH ++*B Perfection Snolan
sire to GCH ++*B Lake-Country Sno Creta Ceasar - 2x Natinoal Show Premier Sire

S: GCH ++*B Yarrow Hill Sir Lancelot
SS: ++*B Clovertop's Lot
SD: GCH Yarrow Hill Sweet Sue 4*M
D: Perfection Snolet 3*M
DS: GCH++*B Gold Crown King Joey
DD: GCH K-Lou La Winda 2*M

Dam: GCH Lake-Country Caesar's Sashah 6*M
1993 National Reserve Grand Champion
5-00 269 2960 3.6B 107 2.9P 87
S: GCH ++*B Lake-Country Sno Creta Caesar
D: Lake-Country Sno Susanna 5*M
DS: GCH ++*B Perfection Snolan
DD: GCH Elements S Sophies Suzannah 4*M
+*B Lake-Country Satin Casimir
A.I. Sire

GCH Lake-Country Sunrise Cabernet 8*M
Casimir's Dam
photo courtesy of Lake-Country Saanens

Sire: *B Lake-Country Opus Satin Touch
full brother to GCH Lake-Country Opus Satinique 93(EEEE)
2-01 284 4071 155 3.8B 135 3.3P
S: +*B Lake-Country Sno Magnum Opus
SS: GCH ++*B Perfection Snolan
SD: GCH Lake-Country Sno Mirage 7*M
D: Lake-Country Xcitable Satinque 9 *M
DS: ++*B Lake-Country Sunrise Excitable
DD: Lake-Country Avalanche Sage

Dam: GCH Lake-Country Sunrise Cabernet 8*M 92(EEEE)
5-11 305 4320 3.7B 161 3.1P 132
S: ++*B Lake-Country Sno Sunrise
SS: GCH ++*B Perfection Snolan
SD: GCH Lake-Country Caesar's Sasha 6*M
D: Lake-Country Apollo Cabaret 7*M
DS: GCH ++*B Floral Hill Farms Apollo
DD: GCH Lake-Country Sno Cretia 6*M

Some of our other PUREBRED A.I. sires that we are using this season:
*B Clovertop's Regent Rex
*B Kapra-Vista Tsunamic Tsultan

We will also be using some of the following:
SG *B Companaros Standout Clyde
Kapra Vista Marquis Dustbuster
Cherrypines Stary Knight