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Maple-Oak Farm, nestled in rolling hills in rural northern Wisconsin, is the home of purebred Swiss Saanen and Alpine dairy goats. For more than 20 years, Maple-Oak Farm has been a premiere breeder of dairy goats that are structurally sound and productive throughout their dairy lives and also competitive in the show ring. Milk from our dairy goats is processed into goat milk soap, which we sell under Angelwood Soap Company.

2023 Wisconsin State Fair Best Doe in Show - Milking Competition
2023 Wisconsin State Fair Best of Breed - Saanens, Alpines - Milking Competition

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Purebred Saanens & Alpines           Angelwood Soap Company


The perfect day...

hay in your hair,  mud on your boots,  goats on your mind,  sunshine in your soul.

- Adapted from anonymous

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